What is that sound?

What is that sound? Can you hear it? It is the sound of My people. It is the sound of a mighty rushing wind. Many do not hear it. For it is but soft and low. Know this, the sound of My fire, the sound of My spirit, yes the sound of revival is growing. For suddenly it will be unmistakable. It will be a loud crescendo of My voice, My love, My spirit and My word. It will be the sound of My body united in Me. It will be the sound of My body united together, one in spirit and one in love. I said this world will know you are mine by your love. This sound will shake the world. This sound will shake nations, cities and villages. Will you be a part of that sound? Will you be part of the sound of heaven or will you be a tinkling bell and a clanging cymbal? Choose to be My beloved. Choose to be My voice, My love and My fullness on this earth sayeth the Lord.

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