Is it the end?

Do not think this is the end. For lo, I have much to do before My return. I have a great harvest to bring in. I will move mightily on this earth. I will move on, in and through My creation. All will be impacted. All will be touched. I said no one knows the time, yet you will know the season. Prepare yourself. Put on your wedding garments. Yes, be full of My oil. For I will come and move such as this world has never been seen before. I will take those who have been broken and discarded by religion, tradition and the “church” and use them mightily for My glory. I said I will take the foolish things and use them to confound the wise. I say to you, be ready. Be willing. Be that humble vessel of honor. For now is the time, the harvest is ripe. I will reap a great harvest and then gather it in to MY storehouses sayeth the Lord.

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