Will I liquidate it?

I tell you this, watch and see. For I will do a great thing in this nation. What will I do? I will settle accounts with all who have opposed Me. Will I liquidate it? I tell you, yes! For though I have seemed to be quiet for all this time, I have just extended My mercy. I have given them time to turn and to repent, yet now is the time. Now is the time I will liquidate all those who walk in contrast to Me. I made it clear in My word, there will be those who think they have, which will be taken from them and it will be given to those who have more. I will tolerate this no more. This world will see who is truly mine and who is not. For lo, those who are truly mine have loved not their lives unto death. They have crucified their flesh, taken up their cross and followed Me. They have chosen to be My beloved sayeth the Lord of glory.

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