America, My land

Oh My land. Oh My land. How I long for you. How I long for you to turn to Me. How I long to heal you. Will you humble your hearts? Will you deny Me? Will you defy Me? For I long for you. I have set you above all other countries. I have set My grace upon you. Return to Me. Let My fire reign in you once again. For I will reign in this land, this people and this nation once again. America the beautiful. My America, the apple of My eye, return to Me, burn for Me. Burn with the fire of revival. For I will set this nation ablaze. Those who burn with My fire will burn seven times hotter. Those who are dry and dead will be set ablaze. Those who are My enemies, those who are lovers of self, the world and walk contrary to Me and My word, will be consumed and taken out sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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