Does it long?

Does it long? Does it pant? What does your heart long for? What does it pant after? What does your soul desire and cling to? Does it long after Me? Does it pant after Me? Does it desire and cling to Me? Does your soul thirst for Me? For lo, I will satisfy you. I will fill you and come unto you. There are those who claim to be mine yet they long for, pant after, desire and cling to the things of this world and the flesh. Long for Me and I will fill you. Pant for Me and I will satisfy you. I will overshadow you and cover you as a hen covers her chicks. I will surround you and embrace you. I will give drink to all who thirst after Me. I will feed all who hunger after Me. You will be satisfied and full, filled to abundance. For I am with you, I love you and love to fill you, bless you and give you the best gifts sayeth the Lord.

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