Will it arise?

Will it arise? I tell you it will! A new generation will arise. A new generation that has set their heart after Me. A generation that will NOT bow to another. This will be the generation that will see the next great move of My spirit. Yes, they will see this next great revival sweep the earth. Just as the Israelites had one generation fall in the desert and the new went forth in My power and might, so shall it be again. For I will cause those who have turned their hearts to Egypt to fall in the desert. Those who seek Me, who love Me, trust in and rely upon Me, will see My mighty hand at work. This is the generation! This is the generation that will arise and leave the world, the flesh, and sin behind. For they will not bow down to the gods of this earth. They will walk through the waters. They will walk through the fire. I will shut the mouths of the lions and scatter the enemy before them. For lo, this is the time. This is the hour. This is the beginning of the next great move of My spirit sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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