Will it be revealed?

What will happen? Will it be revealed? I tell you yes. Yes it will. For I will reveal the truth. I will separate the sheep from the goats. I will separate those who walk by faith and those who do not. For lo, the world will see, those who are truly mine will stand. In the midst of the storm, My bride will stand by faith. I will expose those who do not believe. I will expose the religious. I will expose those who walk in and rely upon all that seems right to a man. For they shall all fall by the wayside. For they are the ones who have no root. They are not rooted and grounded in Me. They are not built upon the rock but the sand. It will be revealed who is truly mine. For My people are doers of My word. My people are built upon the rock of their salvation. All will see, all will know I am their God and they are My people. A chosen generation. A holy people. A royal priesthood unto Me sayeth the Lord.

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