Will you be a part of it?

What will you do? Will you be a part of it? Do you hear it? Can you feel it? It is the sound of a rumble. It is the sound of an oncoming army. For lo, I am raising up an army. They will go forth and bring in the harvest. They will usher in this next mighty move of My spirit. To those who live in religion, tradition, the flesh and mixture, they will never recognize them. For they refuse to walk in all that seems right to a man. This army is My pure bride, My peculiar people. You must choose. I said, choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose you this day to either be My beloved pure bride or not. Will you choose to be in My army? Will you choose to bring in the harvest? Will you be a part of this next great move of My spirit? Decide, for lo, today is the day of salvation sayeth the Lord.

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