Has it been lit?

Has it been lit? Has the fire been lit? I said, I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. What will you do? Will you keep it lit? Will you stoke it and fuel it with Me, My spirit and My word? Know this, many have let their fire go out. They have lost their first love. They have allowed the flesh, the things of this world, religion and all that seems right to a man put out their fire. I tell you this, I am willing and am able to rekindle that fire. Just come to Me, seek My face and humble yourself before Me. Look and see, is it lit? Has it gone out? Come and seek Me, ask of Me and I will ignite that fire once again. I will cause you to burn for Me and set all those around you on fire sayeth the Mighty Lord of glory, the Lord God Almighty.

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