Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Have you felt it? For lo, the birth pangs have began. Are you ready? Have you prepared your garments? Are your feet shod? Have you watched and prayed? I said that the whole earth groans for the revealing of the saints. I say, go and prepare the way. Be that voice crying out in the wilderness. For I will flood this earth with My spirit, My presence and My love once again. I will birth a new move. I will birth a new great awakening. It will come forth in a supernatural way. It will come forth in an unconventional way. Know this, it has began. It has started. I will receive the reward of My suffering. I will receive a great harvest. Then I come. I come quickly. So be ready. Be prepared. Be found holy, blameless, without spot or wrinkle. For I come for My pure bride sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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