How deep?

How deep? How deep are you rooted? Are you rooted at all? Have you become rooted and grounded in Me and in My word? For lo, there are many who are not. There are those who only have shallow roots. They have relied upon man, teachers, leaders, denominations and doctrines of men. Their roots are sickly and rotten. For they are rooted in religion. Many have rooted in poor soil, some have no soil at all. I would that you become rooted in Me. Let your roots run deep. For as you do, though the storms may rage and the winds blow, you will stand. The rest will be either blown away (for they have no root) or topple over and blown down. For their root is shallow, decayed and dying. Be set and established. For in Me, you will stand firm. I tell you this, when all falls around you, you will stand. For I will hold you up sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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