Let it burn!

Let it burn! Let My fire burn within you. Will you? Will you let it burn? Will you let it burn or will you let it go out? Know this, it is My fire that refines. It is My fire that purges. It is My fire that separates that which is a treasure and that which is not. Be full of My word. Be full of My spirit. For I will cause you to burn and burn and burn like never before. Those who would try to destroy you will be consumed. Do not forget, I am with you in the midst of the fire. I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Do not allow My fire to go out. Do not put it out with the world, the flesh, pride, self, religion and tradition. Abide in My presence. Dwell in My glory. As you do the enemy touches you not. Burn for Me. Let My fire burn so hot in you, you set those around you ablaze for Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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