Who lives in you?

Who is this king of glory? Who is it that lives inside of you? Who is it? Who is this one who gave ALL to make you his own? I AM! I am the Lord God Almighty. I have adopted you. I have made you My own. My love for you expands well beyond the scope of human reason. For while you were yet sinners, Christ died for you. You are created in My likeness and image. I have called you My own. I chose to make My abode in you. I chose to dwell in you and call you My child. Do not listen to the enemy. Do not listen to the lies of the world and the flesh. I have given you My Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. Walk with Me, be My beloved. Know that I call you My friend. Be still, know I am God. Walk in My presence and in the fullness of all I am and see all I do sayeth the Lord.

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