Will you be intimate?

What will you do? Will you be intimate? Who or what will you be intimate with? For lo, many have chosen to become intimate with the world, the flesh, self and sin. I desire you to be intimate with Me. I desire you to know Me as I know you. There are those who say they are mine, yet they do not know Me. Will you be intimate? Will you choose to have that intimate, personal relationship, I so long for and desire? Come and know Me intimately. Spend that time with Me I love to have. For I love you and desire you. Know Me as I know you. Remember this, I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Choose to be My beloved. Choose to be My intimate, close friend. For lo, there will come a time when I must say to those who do not know Me, depart from Me for I never knew you sayeth the Lord.

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