Has it sped up?

What time is it? Look and see! For lo, the time of My coming is at hand. The time of the end of the age is coming to an end. I said you will not know the day but you will know the season. Has it sped up? I tell you it has. For the time is now. The time for My beloved bride to prepare herself. Awaken oh ye sleeper, sleep no more. For this new move of My spirit has begun. Do not look to the left hand or to the right. Keep your eye single. Occupy till I come and watch and pray. Be that faithful witness. Yes, be that wise virgin. For lo, I will do things in a greater measure. I will use you in a greater way. Time is short. Come, follow Me and fulfill all that I put inside of you. For I am faithful to complete that good work I began in you. I will be glorified. I will be lifted up and I will draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

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