Where is it?

Where is it? Has it been covered? Has it been hidden? Has it been spoken in the secret places? Has it been whispered in the ear? Know this, that which has been hidden will be exposed. That which has been spoken in the secret places shall be known. That which has been whispered in the ear shall be yelled from the housetops. For the time is at hand. I will expose the righteous. I will expose those hidden in Me. I will set them up and magnify My beloved bride. Yes, those who are donning their wedding garments shall be seen. Know this, My light will expose all that is false. Those who walk in the flesh, the world and self, their nakedness will be exposed. All that offends and defiles shall be broadcast. I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. So I say turn ye, turn to Me and yet live. Humble yourself, crucify the flesh, take up your cross and follow Me. For I will expose all. All good and all that is not sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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