Will you receive?

Will you receive of My goodness or will you run away? Will you allow me to rain down upon you? For lo, there are those who would stand under the umbrella of the flesh, self and religion. They refuse to allow me to rain upon them at all. There are those who only desire but a sprinkling or a light mist. They never desire to have more of Me, My Spirit or My presence. I desire to rain down upon My people. For I will bring a deluge to those who are hungry, willing, humble and obedient. I will saturate them and flood them with all I am. Allow Me to rain upon you. Allow Me to wash away all that is not of Me. Let Me saturate you with My spirit, My power and My glory. For as you do, you will be UNMISTAKABLE. You will be known as I am known. You will be My beloved beautiful bride sayeth the Lord of Glory.

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