Month: November 2019

Does it sing?

Does it sing? Does your heart sing? Does it sing the song of the redeemed? Does it sing of My love? Does it sing of My goodness? Does it sing of My glory? Does your heart sing? For I tell you this, as your… Continue Reading “Does it sing?”

How will you pray?

How is it? How will you pray? Will you pray in the spirit and with understanding? Will you pray in faith? Will you pray according to My word, My known will? For lo, many pray out of emotion. Do not be as the hypocrites.… Continue Reading “How will you pray?”

Does it sing?

Does it sing? Does your heart sing? Is it free and full of joy or is it heavy and burdened? Let Me free your heart. Let Me heal that which would make your heart heavy, broken and burdened. I said I will heal the… Continue Reading “Does it sing?”

Has it sped up?

What time is it? Look and see! For lo, the time of My coming is at hand. The time of the end of the age is coming to an end. I said you will not know the day but you will know the season.… Continue Reading “Has it sped up?”

Has it been provided?

Has it been provided? I tell you yes, yes it has. For I have provided all you need. I have and will supply everything you need. For I AM Jehovah Jireh. I have called you to do great and mighty things in Me, by… Continue Reading “Has it been provided?”

Have you killed it?

What has happened? Has it killed it? I tell you yes, yes it has. For lo, doubt and unbelief are opposite of faith. I said you are to believe that you receive. Do not let doubt and unbelief kill that seed of faith. Do… Continue Reading “Have you killed it?”

Will it be?

Will it happen? Will it be? How much? How little? That is up to you. For I said, such as your faith, be it unto you. What will you put your faith into? Will it be Me or the flesh? Will your faith be… Continue Reading “Will it be?”

Where is it?

Where is it? Has it been covered? Has it been hidden? Has it been spoken in the secret places? Has it been whispered in the ear? Know this, that which has been hidden will be exposed. That which has been spoken in the secret… Continue Reading “Where is it?”

Was it imprinted?

Was it imprinted? What was done? Has My word been written on the tablets of your heart? For many it has just become knowledge. They know My word yet it is not real or alive to them. I said My word is alive and… Continue Reading “Was it imprinted?”

Will you receive?

Will you receive of My goodness or will you run away? Will you allow me to rain down upon you? For lo, there are those who would stand under the umbrella of the flesh, self and religion. They refuse to allow me to rain… Continue Reading “Will you receive?”