Are you covered?

Are you covered? With what? What are you covered with? Are you covered with My spirit? Are you covered with My presence? Are you covered with My glory? For lo, many are covered in dirt and filth of the flesh, the world, self and sin. They have allowed their garments to be covered and spotted with the dung of the flesh. I said I come for a pure bride. Be not deceived, do not listen to or heed the lies and deceit of the enemy. Come to Me, let Me wash you and clean you and make you whiter than snow. Be covered in the blood of the Lamb. Be covered and walk under the shadow of My hand. I will cover you with My peace, My joy and My fullness. Just abide in Me. For lo, you are mine and I am yours. I have given you a robe of righteousness. I have given you My name. I have covered you as a hen covers her chicks sayeth the Lord.

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