Has it come?

Look and see! Has it come? Has judgement come? For lo, judgement comes to My house first. I tell you, it has come. It has begun. I said in My word I would separate sheep from sheep and goats from he goats. I have widened the gap. I have created the dividing line. For I come for a pure bride, a Holy people, a royal priesthood without spot or wrinkle. Draw near to Me, be My beloved. For I am shaking the tree right now. Only the good, pure solid fruit will remain. Only those who are secure in Me, My word and My spirit will not fall. Those who are sickly, diseased and rotten will be shaken off and fall. The fall of them will be great. I will shake My body. I will shake My “church” and the true, righteous fruit will remain. For they are set, secure and grounded in Me sayeth the Lord. Ezekiel 34:8-22

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