How far will you go?

How far? How far will you go? Will you stand afar and look at a distance? Will you step into the water at all? For some have only put their toes into the waters. Some have gotten to their ankles. I tell you, I desire more. Yes, go in past the knee. Go in deeper up past the thigh. Will you go even further? For I would that you go till the waters of My spirit, My love, My presence and My power cover you from head to toe. You must decide. For it is up to you. Ask of Me and I will lead you. I will bring you into all I have and all I am. Will you go and be full of oil? Will you go and be that wise virgin? I say go prepare yourself, be made ready. For lo, I come quickly. Go and sin NO more. For I have made you My own, My beloved bride sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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