Have you invested?

Have you invested? Have you? What is it? What have you invested in? Have you invested in your relationship with Me? Have you invested your time to know Me? Have you invested in the gospel, in the good news? Have you invested in self, flesh and the world? What is it? What have you invested in? Are you storing up treasures in heaven? Are you storing up gold, silver and precious jewels or wood, hay and stubble? I have given you the talents. What and how will you invest it? Some will invest it in Me, My word and all I am. They will bring in an increase. There are those who will bury it and do nothing with it. They are selfish, wicked and evil. They will be bound hand and foot and cast into outer darkness. Choose you this day. Choose what you will invest in. Will it be Me, My spirit and that which is eternal or the world, self and sin and that which is temporal? Invest in Me just as I have invested in you through My beloved son and His blood shed upon that cross sayeth the Lord.

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