Month: October 2019

Let Me reveal it!

Can I do it? Will you let Me? Let Me reveal it. Let Me reveal the hidden things. For I will shine brightly and reveal that which was previously hidden before. My light will expose that which is foul and dirty AND that which… Continue Reading “Let Me reveal it!”

Are you covered?

Are you covered? With what? What are you covered with? Are you covered with My spirit? Are you covered with My presence? Are you covered with My glory? For lo, many are covered in dirt and filth of the flesh, the world, self and… Continue Reading “Are you covered?”

Has it come?

Look and see! Has it come? Has judgement come? For lo, judgement comes to My house first. I tell you, it has come. It has begun. I said in My word I would separate sheep from sheep and goats from he goats. I have… Continue Reading “Has it come?”

Can we take it?

Let’s take it! Let’s take it to the next level. Can we? Can we take it? For as you walk fully in My presence, in My power and My spirit, we will. I will take you to the next level. I said you are… Continue Reading “Can we take it?”

Have you sought ME?

What have you done? What have you sought after? Have you sought to know about Me? Have you sought Me just for a touch, wisdom, healing and salvation? Have you sought after Me or after what I can give you? I said you are… Continue Reading “Have you sought ME?”

How far will you go?

How far? How far will you go? Will you stand afar and look at a distance? Will you step into the water at all? For some have only put their toes into the waters. Some have gotten to their ankles. I tell you, I… Continue Reading “How far will you go?”

Where is your trust?

Where is your trust? Is it in Me? Is it in My word? Is it in My power and ability to do all I said I would? For lo, many have placed their trust in the world. Too many of My people have put… Continue Reading “Where is your trust?”

What do you see?

What do you see? Do you see the truth? Do you see with the eyes of faith? Do you see the vision before you? For lo, many have not. Many cannot. For they have allowed the world to blind their eyes. Do not allow… Continue Reading “What do you see?”

What do I desire?

What do I desire? Do you know? Do you have an idea or even realize what it is? I desire you! I desire your love and intimacy with Me. I desire that personal relationship with Me. It is man that has put in place… Continue Reading “What do I desire?”

Have you been anchored?

Have you been anchored? Have you been anchored in My word? Have you been anchored in Me? For lo, I tell you this, the winds of My spirit are beginning to blow. Know this, it will be a mighty blast, a violent rushing wind.… Continue Reading “Have you been anchored?”