Will you show it?

Let Me open their eyes. Let them see and be amazed. I say, let them see what a pure beautiful bride looks like. Let them see what My bride looks like. For My bride is spotless, pure white without wrinkle. My bride is holy, set apart for Me, blameless and without reproach. Yes I say, be that bride. For those who see shall be amazed, some shall be ashamed and yet others shall be stirred. For My bride shall stand forth. My bride shall rise up. Many have been called yet few have chosen. I say, to all who will, listen, choose, choose to be My beloved bride. Choose you this day to be sanctified and set apart for Me. Choose to be a peculiar people. I say, let all see. Let them see Me in you and you in Me. Let them see the death of flesh and the new birth of life. Let them see My life in you so as I may be glorified and magnified and lifted up sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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