Has it risen up?

Has it risen up? I tell you yes, yes it has. It has risen up for all to see. The separation has began. For some, all that is vile, not of Me and the dross has come to the top. It will be evident, it will be plain and clear. Yet then, there will be My beloved. I said I will separate sheep from sheep. Just as the best part of the milk rises and separates and comes to the top, so shall My bride. She shall be pure, lovely, wholesome and full of My glory. All will be able to differentiate the cream from the rest. Who will you be? Will you be that pure bride? Will you be the cream or will you be the dross? Choose! For the time draweth to a close. I come quickly. I come for My bride. I said be ye holy as I am holy. Be ye separate, a peculiar people, holy and sanctified for My use, set apart for Me and My glory sayeth the Lord.

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