What have you put in it?

What is it? What have you put in it? What have you put into your prayers? Are they mighty? Are they effectual? Do they availeth much? For lo, many prayers fall to the ground dead. I tell you, it is because they have put into those prayers doubt, fear and unbelief. As My child you are to pray the prayer of faith. Faith is the fuel that moves prayer. Believe that I am. Believe that I am all I said I am and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. Put in your faith, put in your belief. Put in your trust in Me and My word. For lo, I watch over My word to perform it. Put your faith in action. Watch as I do all I said. For behold, I am not a man that I should lie, nor can I sayeth the mighty Lord God Jehovah.

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