Have you smelled it?

Have you smelled it? Have you smelled the sweet perfume of My love? Have you smelled the wonderful odor of My grace and My mercy? Have you smelled the savor of My glory? For lo, I am that lily of the valley. I am that rose of Sharon. Too many have not smelled or experienced My love, My mercy My grace or My spirit. For all they have smelled is the stench of religion, the rottenness of flesh and the rancid, acrid smell of sin and death. As My child, you are alive in Me. You look like Me, walk like Me and talk like Me. As My beloved bride you should smell like Me. For behold, you are no longer your own. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus. Be that living sacrifice and smell like heaven. Smell like I smell and be that sweet fragrance that permeates all sayeth the Lord.

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