Month: September 2019

How bad do you want it?

How bad? How bad do you want it? How bad do you want revival? How bad do you long to dwell in Me and with Me? How bad do you want it? Are you as a deer that pants after the waters? Are you… Continue Reading “How bad do you want it?”

Can I spend it?

Can I spend it? Can I spend My day with you? Can I come in and sup with you and you with Me? Can we walk in the cool of day? Will you spend it with Me? Do you really want to or will… Continue Reading “Can I spend it?”

Will you show it?

Let Me open their eyes. Let them see and be amazed. I say, let them see what a pure beautiful bride looks like. Let them see what My bride looks like. For My bride is spotless, pure white without wrinkle. My bride is holy,… Continue Reading “Will you show it?”

What will you be?

What is it? What will you be? What have you decided? What have you chosen? Will you be ye holy as I am holy? Will you be made whiter than snow? Will you be blameless and without reproach before Me? Will you be My… Continue Reading “What will you be?”

Have you broken it?

Have you broken it? Have you broken the vial? Have you broken that alabaster box? I ask you, how can the perfume be used unless the vial is broken? How can the smell permeate the house lest the alabaster box is broken? I desire… Continue Reading “Have you broken it?”

Has it risen up?

Has it risen up? I tell you yes, yes it has. It has risen up for all to see. The separation has began. For some, all that is vile, not of Me and the dross has come to the top. It will be evident,… Continue Reading “Has it risen up?”

Have they been opened?

Have they been opened up? Have the windows of heaven been opened? I tell you yes, yes they have. I have never shut them. I made it clear in My word, that which I open no one can close. That which I close no… Continue Reading “Have they been opened?”

Have you planted it?

Have you planted it? Have you planted the seed of faith? Have you watered it? Have you watered it with My word? Will you believe? Will you expect a harvest? Tell Me, what will you do? Will you believe Me for that harvest? Will… Continue Reading “Have you planted it?”

Is it transparent?

Is it transparent? Is it clear and easy to see? What happened? For lo, My church has become muddied up with the things of the world, it has become clouded with selfishness, the flesh and all that seems right to a man. This is… Continue Reading “Is it transparent?”

What have you put in it?

What is it? What have you put in it? What have you put into your prayers? Are they mighty? Are they effectual? Do they availeth much? For lo, many prayers fall to the ground dead. I tell you, it is because they have put… Continue Reading “What have you put in it?”