Has it been drawn?

Has it? Has it been drawn? For lo, the curtain has been drawn. The time for this era and season has come to an end. Know this, many of My people try to hold onto that which is over. Too many try to hold onto that which is gone. I said behold, I do a new thing. I made it clear, when I shut a door no man can open it. When I open a door no man can shut it. I have shut the curtain on the ways I have moved in the past. For lo, this is a new season. This is a new era. The next move of My spirit will be beyond the comprehension of the religious, of the legalistic and those who walk in mixture and flesh. For lo, My pure bride will rise up. She shall be hidden no more. My name shall be glorified and I will sweep over this planet with My fire. Yes, the fire of My spirit. The fire of revival sayeth the Lord.

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