Who is it?

Who is it? Who is your God? Who is your king? Who is it that you have placed upon the throne of your heart? Is it Me? For lo, there are many who say they are mine, yet they have placed religion, tradition and the doctrines of men above Me. Many have placed self and flesh above me, yet there are many who have placed the world and all the things therein upon the throne of their hearts. Did I not say and make clear, you are to have no other God before Me. I am a jealous God. I am jealous for you. I tell you, there is none besides Me. Humble yourself, love not your life unto death. I say, choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose you this day who will be your God and King. Choose Me, the creator of heaven and earth. For lo, I have chosen you to be My beloved sayeth the Lord.

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