Whose is it?

Whose is it? Whose is it anyway? Whose strength do you rely upon? Do you rely upon mine? Do you rely upon your own? Whose understanding do you rest in? Whose is it you lean on? For I said, lean not on your own understanding. Will you try to find peace in the world? Will you try to find it in religion, tradition and man? I said I am your peace. I tell you, I am your source and supply. I am your strength. I am your joy, your peace and your hope. It is My hand that holds you up. It is I who lifts you up out of the dust and the dung. Come and receive of Me. For I so loved you I gave. I chose to give you My name, My spirit, My word and all I am. Come and be My beloved. For that was My full design and desire sayeth the Lord.

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