Can you count it?

Can you count it? Can you count the blessings I have given you? Can you count it on your fingers? Can you count it on your toes? Can you count the stars in heaven? Can you count the grains of sand in the sea? I said, I have given you every spiritual gift. You are My child. It is My good pleasure to bless you. Remember, I said it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. I have withheld nothing from you. For if I did not withhold My only child, My beloved son, why would I withhold anything else? I said if you ask ANYTHING in Jesus name, I will do it. For I love you just as I love Christ Jesus. You are the apple of My eye. Do not listen to the flesh or the enemy . Do not believe his lies. You are My child and I dearly love you so sayeth the Lord.

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