Can it be held?

Can it be held? Can it be held in a container? Can it be held in a jar? Can it be held at all or contained in a building? No, I say no it cannot. For My spirit is uncontainable. My love, My power and My glory will flow forth. It will not be contained as some have tried. For religion, tradition and the works of man have tried to contain Me, My spirit, My power and My glory, yet all they have done is block Me out. I will go well beyond the containers of man. For I said I will flood this earth once again. I will bust the containers. I will destroy the restrictions and I will remove the barriers. For I will go out into the uttermost. I will go out into the hedges and the highways. I will bring the increase and receive a harvest such as never seen on this earth before. It will be wondrous. It will be glorious. It will be all for My glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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