Month: August 2019

Did it float?

Do not look at the natural. Do not look at your circumstances. I ask you this, did it float? When the axe head went into the water, did it float? For lo, I will do the supernatural. I said I will supply all your… Continue Reading “Did it float?”

What do you look at?

What is it? What do you look at? Do you look at the outward appearance? Do you look at the signs? Do you look at the miracles? Do you look at the man and the size of his church? I ask you, do you… Continue Reading “What do you look at?”

Have you pushed it?

Have you pushed it? Have you pushed the boundaries of your faith? Have you pushed the boundaries of religion and tradition? Have you pushed on the gates of hell? For lo, I made it clear, the gates of hell will NOT prevail against you.… Continue Reading “Have you pushed it?”

Has it been drawn?

Has it? Has it been drawn? For lo, the curtain has been drawn. The time for this era and season has come to an end. Know this, many of My people try to hold onto that which is over. Too many try to hold… Continue Reading “Has it been drawn?”

Where do you stand?

Are you ready? Have you felt it? For lo, the first few drops have began fall, yet know this, the rains of My spirit will come. It will start off small, then become greater and greater. So tell Me, where do you stand? Do… Continue Reading “Where do you stand?”

Have you listened?

Have you heard it? Have you listened? Have you listened to My voice? Have you listened to the beating of My heart? Have you decided to spend time together and listen? Will you be still and know I am God? For many people know… Continue Reading “Have you listened?”

Will you heed My call?

Will you heed My call? Will you listen? Will you hear Me at all? Will you be ready? Will you be watching and praying? For lo, I call. I call out to the lost. I call out to those who have turned away. I… Continue Reading “Will you heed My call?”

Would you consume it?

Would you consume it? What is it? What will you consume? Will you consume that manna from heaven? Will you consume the bread of life? Will you consume My word? For lo, many of those who say they are mine have chosen to consume… Continue Reading “Would you consume it?”

Who is it?

Who is it? Who is your God? Who is your king? Who is it that you have placed upon the throne of your heart? Is it Me? For lo, there are many who say they are mine, yet they have placed religion, tradition and… Continue Reading “Who is it?”

Have you put forth your hand?

Have you put forth your hand? Have you taken hold of My promises? Have you taken it by faith? How can you grab hold lest you put forth your hand? I say, use the measure of faith I have given you. Put forth your… Continue Reading “Have you put forth your hand?”