Will you let Me give it?

What will you do? Will you let Me give it? What is it? What will you let Me give? Will you let Me give you freedom? Will you let Me give you life? Will you let Me give you the kingdom? For lo, it is My desire as your father to give you every good and perfect gift, yet many of My children refuse to receive. I said, believe that ye receive. Too many have chosen to walk in doubt, fear and unbelief. As a natural father loves to give his children the best gifts, tell Me, how much more do I? For I love to give My children the best. I so loved the world I gave My beloved son. What would I hold back? I have given you My grace, My mercy, My love, My word and My Holy Spirit. Ask and receive of Me. For lo, I have given you all of Me out of My great and endless love for you sayeth the Lord.

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