Month: July 2019

Will you laugh?

Will you laugh? Will you laugh with Me? Will you laugh at the enemy? Will you laugh at famine and destruction? For lo, you are My child. The enemy is but a defeated foe. The earth is mine and the fullness therein. I tell… Continue Reading “Will you laugh?”

Have you sought it?

Have you sought it? Have you sought My face? Have you sought after Me or have you sought after that which I do? Have you sought to know Me? Have you sought that intimate, personal relationship I so desire? For lo, there are many… Continue Reading “Have you sought it?”

Have you take It?

Have you taken it? Have you taken it as yours? Have you taken it for what it is? Have you taken My word and hidden it in your heart? Yes, many have taken it. Yet they have taken it and allowed it to rest… Continue Reading “Have you take It?”

Do you need it?

Do you need it? I have given you hinds feet for a reason. For behold, I I will shake the nations. I will shake all that must be shaken. For lo, as I shake this world, those who are truly mine will surely stand.… Continue Reading “Do you need it?”

Let it fill the air.

Let it fill the air. Let it permeate the atmosphere. Let the fragrance of your love, your hope, your desire for Me saturate the air around you. I said your life is to so shine that it condemns those who do not live rightly… Continue Reading “Let it fill the air.”

Will you commune?

Will you? Will you commune with Me? Will you really and truly commune? For many come to Me and talk at Me. There are many of My people who only ask of Me. They see Me as a resource. I said I came to… Continue Reading “Will you commune?”

Will you bring it?

What will you do? Will you bring it? What will you bring? Will you grab hold of that which is unseen and bring it into this world? For lo, I said faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not… Continue Reading “Will you bring it?”

Where have you been planted?

Where is it? Where have you been planted? Have you been planted by the streams of living water? Have you been planted in Me? Have you become rooted and grounded in My word? For lo, I created you. I designed you to be a… Continue Reading “Where have you been planted?”

Will you be it?

Will you be that light in the darkness? Will you be that well of living water in the desert? Will you be that rose in the thorn bush or the lily in the field? Tell Me, Will you be it? Will you be Me… Continue Reading “Will you be it?”

What will it take?

What is it? What will it take? Will you believe when you see? Yet that is not faith. I said blessed are they who have believed yet not seen. You are to walk by faith, not by sight. For without faith it is impossible… Continue Reading “What will it take?”