Have I forgotten?

Have I forgotten? Have I lost track? Have I not known where you were at? Do you not know how important you are to Me? Do you not realize it? If a sparrow falls to the ground I know it. You are so much more valuable than any sparrow. I loved you from the foundations of the earth. You are so valuable to Me that I sent My son, My beloved to die for you. For while you were yet sinners Christ died for you. You ARE the apple of My eye. You are the jewel in My crown. I said I would NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Know this, I joy over you. I love and desire you. You were the joy set before Me as Christ hung on the cross. Lift up your head. Come boldly before Me, seek My face. Be cleansed, be made whiter than snow and know nothing can separate you from My love sayeth the Lord.

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