Are you prepared?

Are you prepared? Are you prepared for what’s to come? For lo, I come for a pure bride. I come for My people, those who are without spot or wrinkle. Do you have on your wedding garments? Is your lamp full of oil? Will you be a wise virgin or will you be as the foolish? Know this, I will come like a flood. For behold, I will flood this earth with My presence, My spirit and My glory. Yes, some will be prepared, yet there will be those who are not. There will be those who will be swept away. Those who will be left behind. I say to you, prepare yourself. Come, be washed with the blood of the Lamb. Be decked and adorned with the garments I have given you and prepared for you. Be ready, be prepared. For lo, it will happen suddenly when no man knoweth. It will be mighty, it will be great. It will be lovely and beautiful in My sight sayeth the Lord.

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