Have you put it on?

Have you put it on? Have you put on your wedding garments? Have you prepared yourself and made yourself ready? Will you be found in that day without your wedding garments on? For lo, those who do not have on their wedding garments shall be cast out. Do not be as the hypocrites. Do not be as the selfish and proud. For I have called all to come. Will you choose to be My beloved? Will you put on that robe of righteousness? Will you put on Jesus Christ? For I have supplied all things. Be washed. Be made clean. For I desire a bride without spot or wrinkle. Put on that which I have crafted and created just for you. Put on that coat of many colors. Let all see you are mine. Cast off the rags and garments of the past, the flesh and sin. For I have given you new. Decide today, decide to walk in My fullness and to be ye holy as I am holy. Yes, to be ye perfect as I am perfect sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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