Month: June 2019

Have I forgotten?

Have I forgotten? Have I lost track? Have I not known where you were at? Do you not know how important you are to Me? Do you not realize it? If a sparrow falls to the ground I know it. You are so much… Continue Reading “Have I forgotten?”

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared? Are you prepared for what’s to come? For lo, I come for a pure bride. I come for My people, those who are without spot or wrinkle. Do you have on your wedding garments? Is your lamp full of oil? Will… Continue Reading “Are you prepared?”

Will you drink?

Will you drink up of My spirit? For I have plenty. I have more than enough. For I am willing and ready. I desire to pour out My spirit. I say come, come and drink to your fill. Drink from the fountains of living… Continue Reading “Will you drink?”

Will you believe it?

Will you believe My word? Will you believe that you receive in faith? Will you allow it to become real and alive in you and to you? For lo, there are far too many who know My word, yet that is all. I said… Continue Reading “Will you believe it?”

Have you come to the garden?

Have you come to the garden or run to the field? Have you come to spend time with Me in the cool of the morning? For many have decided to run to the field. They have decided to toil and work the ground by… Continue Reading “Have you come to the garden?”

Is your heart in sync?

Can you hear it, the beating of My heart? Can you feel it? Is our heart in sync? Does our heart beat as one? I tell you, that is what I desire. For you to be so in love, so in sync, our hearts… Continue Reading “Is your heart in sync?”

Will you lift it?

What will you do? Will you lift it? Will you lift it up? What is it? What will you lift up? Will you lift up My name? Will you lift up Me? For lo, many have chosen to lift up that which is not… Continue Reading “Will you lift it?”

What have I done?

Is it finished? Is it accomplished? Have I not overcame death, hell and the grave? For I tell you, I have defeated the enemy. I have destroyed the works of the enemy. I have taken you out of darkness and put you into My… Continue Reading “What have I done?”

How will you see it?

Tell Me, how? How will you see it? Will you see the unseen? Will you see through the eyes of faith? Will you see it as the world and the flesh see it or will you see it by My spirit? I said, I… Continue Reading “How will you see it?”

I can’t do that!

Is there anything I can’t do? Yes, yes there is. Know this, I can not fail. I can not, not love. I can not lie nor will I. I can not be tempted. I can not falter or change. For I am the same… Continue Reading “I can’t do that!”