Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? Have you had enough? Are you full? Ask and I will give to you. Let Me give you calamus. For lo, I will cause you to be hungry. I will give you that insatiable appetite. Too many have been hungry, yet then they fill up with the things of flesh, self, this world and all that seems right to a man. They are not hungry for Me. They are not hungry for My spirit or My word. Too many have become proud and arrogant, full of self righteousness and religion. Remember what I said? If salt loses its saltiness it is thrown out and good for nothing. Come, taste and see I am good. Be restored. For I will give you a hunger for more of Me, more of all I am and more of all I have for you. The hungrier you get, the more I will give. So come and eat the fat, drink the sweet and be filled to overflowing sayeth the Lord.

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