Let Me saturate you!

Will you let Me do it? Let Me saturate you. Are you willing? For lo, I am willing. I long to saturate you in My spirit. I would that you are saturated in My love, My word, My glory and in My presence. For lo, you are the apple of My eye. You are My beloved. I have called you My own. There are many who refuse. For they long to hold onto that which causes death and decay. Many only allow Me to come in and do so much. They only want some of Me or some of what I give. I tell you this, many of them will be locked outside and I will have to say to them, depart from Me for I NEVER knew you. I say, open yourself up to Me and humble yourself. For remember what I have said, give and it shall be given unto you. Give your all to Me and know I will give all I am , all I have to you. For I will saturate you so as no one can tell you from Me nor Me from you sayeth the Lord.

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