Has it sprung?

Has it sprung? Has it sprung up? Has it sprung up out of you like rivers of living water? Has it taken root? Has My word taken hold and sprung up in your life? For lo, many have allowed the flesh, the world, self and all that seems right to a man spring up. It has sprung up and taken root. I said, such as a man sows, that will he reap. What will spring up in your life? Will it be that which is eternal? Will it be that which glorifies and magnified Me? Remember that first it is the kernel, then it springs forth into the blade, then the fruit. I would that you lay down your life, take up your cross and follow Me. I would that praises spring up out of the abundance of your love and desire for Me. For in being that living sacrifice you honor and glorify Me sayeth the Lord.

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