Month: May 2019

Does it surround you?

Does it? Does it surround you? Tell Me what surrounds you? Is it My peace? Is it My presence? Is it My glory? For lo, there are those who have allowed themselves to be surrounded by that which is not from or of Me.… Continue Reading “Does it surround you?”

Have you pushed?

Have you pushed? How is it? How have you pushed? Have you pushed past the flesh? Have you pushed beyond your reason? Have you pushed into the secret place? Have you pushed into the holy of holies? For lo, there are many who have… Continue Reading “Have you pushed?”

How have you stood?

How have you stood? How do you stand? Do you stand firm? Have you began to slip? I said in My word, when you have done all to stand, stand therefore. Stand firm upon the rock of your salvation. For behold, I have given… Continue Reading “How have you stood?”

Is it precious?

Is it? Is it precious? What is, what is precious? Do you treasure Me? Do you treasure My spirit and My word? Do you treasure My presence and My glory? Is it precious to you? Do you hold it dear to your heart. For… Continue Reading “Is it precious?”

Has it been prepared?

Has it been prepared? I tell you yes, yes it has. For lo, I have gone before you. You just be willing and obedient. For it has been prepared for you to fulfill and accomplish all I created and designed you to be and… Continue Reading “Has it been prepared?”

Have you encountered it?

Have you encountered it? What is it? What have you encountered? Have you encountered My glory? Have you encountered My presence? Have you encountered My love, My mercy, My joy and My grace? For lo, there are many who have not. There are many… Continue Reading “Have you encountered it?”

Let Me prove it!

Let Me do it. Let Me prove it. Will you? Will you let Me prove My word is true? For I will prove it in you. I will prove it to you and through you. I will use you to prove myself true and… Continue Reading “Let Me prove it!”

Watch it grow.

Watch it. Watch it grow. Watch as the seed you have sown grows up and brings forth a harvest. For remember this, I bring the increase. You are to sow in hope. Sow My word. Sow My peace. Sow My love in faith. For… Continue Reading “Watch it grow.”

Run with it!

Run I say. Run with it! Run with My word in your heart. Run with My love in your heart. Run with My fire and My spirit. Fear not what man can do unto you. Know that I have prepared the way. Know that… Continue Reading “Run with it!”

Lift it up!

Lift it up! Lift up your voice in praise. Let the whole world hear it. Let the enemy hear it. Praise Me in the midst of hard times. Praise Me in the midst of the storms. Remember, I inhabit the praises of My people.… Continue Reading “Lift it up!”