Have you asked?

Have you asked? Will you receive it? Will you walk in it? For lo, I said ask anything in Jesus name and I will give it thee. I said to ask by faith. Yes, to believe that you receive. Many people ask, yet they ask out of fear, doubt and unbelief. I said you must believe that I am and I am a rewarder of them that diligently seek Me. Ask Me in faith, ask according to My word. For lo, I said, you have not for you ask not, for you ask amiss. I said it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is My pleasure to bless My beloved child. If a natural father loves to give and bless his children, how much more do I? For remember this, I said ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, and knock and the door shall be opened sayeth the great and mighty Lord of hosts.

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