Have you planted it?

Have you? Have you planted it? Just what have you planted? Have you planted My word deep in the soil of your heart? Will you let it grow? For lo, many have planted nothing but that which is dead, dying and will produce no fruit. For far too many have planted selfishness, religion, tradition and all that seems right to a man. They have planted that which is corrupt. Know this, that which a man sows that will he reap. Allow Me to master the garden of your heart once again. For I will remove the brambles. I will remove the thorns and thistles. I will pull out all the weeds and tares. For lo, as you tend your garden, I will cause you to produce fruit. Yes! Fruits unto righteousness. For behold, I bring the increase. Plant the seed of My word. Plant the seed of faith. Watch as I cause it to produce so much more than you could ever ask , think or hope for sayeth the Lord.

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