What have you done?

What have you done? What are you doing? Are you watching and praying? Are you sleeping and slumbering? Tell Me this, are you occupying till I come? For lo, there are many who are not. There are many who are called by My name who have been lulled to sleep. Many have been lulled into a slumber by religion, by the flesh, by tradition and all that seems right to a man. I say, awake! Awake oh sleeper and sleep no more. Stir up the gifts inside of you. For behold, I come when no man knoweth. I say, rise up. Be filled with My spirit. Be filled with My word. For you are NOT ignorant of the wiles of the devil. You are mine. You are more than a conqueror. Run the race and endure till the end. For I tell you this, He who endures till the end shall be saved sayeth the Lord.

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