Is it judged?

Is it judged? Have you judged it? Have you judged it according to My word? Have you just accepted it? I tell you, you are not to receive just every doctrine, every teaching and every word. You are to test it and judge it by My word. For lo, there are many false teachers. There are many false words and off doctrines. I have given you My Holy Spirit for a reason. I have given you the spirit of truth. He will lead you into all truth. Do not follow every wind of doctrine. For if you do, you will be blown about and tossed too and fro like the waves of the sea. I said, you will judge the angels. Be filled to overflowing with My spirit, My word and My fullness. For you are to judge things according to the spirit. Judge it and let it bear witness to all I have spoken and made clear in My word and by My spirit sayeth the Lord.

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