What will you ask?

What is it? What will you ask? What will you ask of Me? Is it that which you can see? Is it that which you can touch and feel? Will you ask of Me that which you think I want to hear? I say, ask from the heart. Ask in faith. Will you ask to know Me more? Will you ask for more of My glory? Will you ask for a greater hunger and thirst? I said, ask. Yes, ask and it shall be added unto you. Let Me hear your heart’s deepest desire. I am El Shaddai . I am the God of more than enough. Ask Me to reveal myself to you and I will. Ask Me to expand you and I will. Ask Me to fill you up to overflowing. Ask Me to set you ablaze. Believe that you receive it and know I do not lie, for I watch over My word to perform it and it will come to pass sayeth the Lord.

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