How will you use it?

Tell Me, how will you use it? How will you use your faith? For lo, I have given every man the measure of faith. How will you use it? What will you do with it? Will you build it? Will you make it grow? Will you hide it away? For lo, I said faith without works is dead. Without faith it is impossible to please Me. I tell you go, use your faith. Put your faith to work and watch it grow. As you do, you remember this, I bring the increase. As your faith grows, I will cause you to increase more. Do not be as that wicked servant. Do not hide it away, never use it and never cause it to increase. For remember this, He is bound hand and foot and cast out into outer darkness. I would that you use the measure of faith I have given you so as I may say, well done, enter into the joy of your Lord sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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